Where's Wally in China? / by Thomas O'Malley

He's in the Forbidden City! I created this little booklet as part of a publicity stunt I devised for Bespoke Beijing during China's famously congested Golden Week national holiday. With Beijing's tourist sites overrun with visitors, the temptation is to avoid sightseeing altogether. Or... seize the opportunity and play a life-sized game of Where's Wally? instead. Next year: Badaling Great Wall. Big thanks to Liz Phung for helping out with the photography, and Harold from XIX Spirit for being such a great Wally. Click the cover above to check it out.

Despite the pollution it was a fun day out. The only folks who clocked it that it was a Where's Wally stunt were foreign tourists. Chinese tourists figured out he was supposed to be someone, but the closest they got was an old lady who knowingly declared him to be 麦当劳叔叔 (Ronald McDonald!).


The full "Where's Wally in China" (Wo Li is his official Chinese name, actually) game can be played / read over at Bespoke Beijing's website.