When good street food goes bad / by Thomas O'Malley

Hong Kong, the gastronomic heartland of Asia, where the intricacies of Cantonese cooking are adopted by ambitious chefs and fused with the other great cuisines of the world....

No, I don't fancy this. Are those beaks?

Yeah, probably tastes good, but it just looks a bit barbaric...

Maybe it's that I just don't want to see (or chew) the face of the creature I'm eating...

OK. Not just the face.

Oh, come on, what the fuck? I'm not eating Rasputin's gnarled cock for any money. Well, everyone has a price, but it's high. Damn high. So it's time for Plan B.

Aha, this place looks promising.

3000 years of glorious culinary heritage aside, you really can't beat a good burger and fries.

Now that's what I'm talking about. To re balance my cultural karma, tomorrow I plan to suck the face off a turtle.

Archie B's New York Deli, 7-9 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong.