I like vegan food, just not this restaurant... by Thomas O'Malley

I've added this restaurant review here, one of dozens I wrote for the Beijinger during my stint as Dining Editor, for the rare chance I got to dish out some vitriol. As a freely-distributed, advertiser-supported magazine (with most ads bought by F&B outlets) we had to tread pretty carefully. So - apologies, Loving Mom's Vegan Cuisine. Yes, you were indeed a dreadful restaurant. But so were other venues that got off much more lightly. Such is the fate of the little guy.

How to write a restaurant review by Thomas O'Malley

How to write a restaurant review?  To begin with, don't begin at the beginning. Never open with an appetizer or amuse bouche. Go straight to dessert and work backwards and you'll end up with a more readable review. Entertain and entice. Seek out context and characters. And better not to talk about the food all that much unless you're pretty sure you know why a dish hit the high notes, or the culinary blunder that meant it failed to come together. The title of this post might be a cheap excuse for click bait, but this review - of a middling restaurant since closed, incidentally - works nicely for what I think might be the reasons outlined above. Please read and see what you think.