My Big Fat Chiang Mai Map / by Thomas O'Malley

I initially put together this Chiang Mai map for a friend visiting the city, but since it represents the sum of six weeks worth of culinary, caffeinated and alcohol-fuelled trial and error (while working in Chiang Mai in Nov/Dec 2015), I figured I'd gift it to the world. Granted it's an unfailingly biased and flawed selection, but every venue is tried and tested, and only the genuinely worthy made it on the map. There's also a big bias towards the Nimman Road area because that's where I lived.

So... one man's opinionated shortlist of cafes, local food, standout western eats, bars with rooftops / real cocktails / late hours, the most impressively worthy temples, and some other odds and ends. Enjoy.

Click the map icons to see my (brief) write-up: