Ice still haven't found what I'm looking for / by Thomas O'Malley

Welcome to Harbin, China's most lip-crackingly cold city in the far Northern reaches of Manchuria. The red-cheeked locals take their minds off the chill each winter (minus 25 degrees and below) by sculpting a gaudy Disney-sized fun park out of snow and ice, lit by neon set within the ice blocks.

Yes, it's pretty fucking big and impressive and absolutely everything is made of ice. Except the tree.

And there's a special bit dedicated to London's 2012 Olympics, with this Westminster Abby (I think), and also Tower Bridge and Stonehenge.

The nearby snow sculpture park didn't disappoint in terms of scale. But it's late in the season so this lady was looking a bit worse for wear. It's not clear in the picture, but one of her breasts was badly melted.

[yawn] Ice and snow sculpting is all very well, but what about winter sports, and the Chinese Alpine scene? A-ha! Stay tuned...