Creative Marketing: The Nightwatch / by Thomas O'Malley


Here's a selection of my work on The Nightwatch, an after-dark guided tour of Beijing's old alleyways that traces the footsteps of a Qing Dynasty nightwatchman. (Still available for private tours, folks.) Guided walks are a fabulous way to get to know a city, particularly when created by someone with the historic smarts and charisma of Lars from Beijing Postcards. I worked with Beijing Postcards and Bespoke Beijing to create marketing buzz for a number of their walks (we called them 'Signature City Experiences'), designing posters, flyers, even videos to drum up the hype.

All good guided walks need an elaborate video teaser trailer, right? Well, ours did. My first ever attempt at cinema, shot entirely with iPhone on location at the Beijing Drum Tower and surrounding hutongs...

Not forgetting the logo. Something snazzy, edgy, yet classy.


I designed these fun teaser flyers, printed on coarse brown paper, which were scattered around select Beijing cafe establishments, alongside adverts for dance parties and gallery exhibitions...


Other work included e-newsletters to customers...


Also these making-of videos interviewing Lars on his research processes, and repeated reference to the erstwhile Game of Thrones slogan, "the night is dark and full of shadows". Because, you know.