Cartoon Network comic pitch / by Thomas O'Malley

A selection of pages I wrote for a successful pitch to Warner Bros. to publish a Cartoon Network comic the UK. It was worth it just to discover the joy that is Adventure Time. Zoinks, what a show. Click pics to read at bigger size.

An amazing cut-out-and-keep™ chick magnet courtesy of Johnny Bravo. No, not the kind with feathers. Foxy mamas! No, not foxes. Etc.

Rescue Lady Rainicorn by helping Finn and Jake defeat the evil Ice King, of course. Adventure Time is the best.

A straight-up alphabetical type guide to the enormous world of Ben 10. Because it's a more straight-up kind of alien-battling show, that's why.

My favourite of the work I created - create your own comic story adventure, starring the frankly bizarre stoner-inspired stars of Regular Show.