Beautiful Beijing, wish you were here / by Thomas O'Malley

The (rather strange) task: Create a postcard for a Chinese-run Italian restaurant chain in Beijing, to be given free to foreign tourists who eat in the restaurant.

Firstly, if you were on holiday in China and decided to pop into a cheap and cheerful Italian restaurant for some familiar chow - would you write home about the experience? Probably not. So, important to play down the restaurant and play up Beijing sights as much as the client will allow. I dug out suitable photos I'd taken over the years, and arranged a quick shoot of a pizza delivery driver in Beijing's old hutong alleyways.

But it's still a weird idea - a Chinese-run Italian restaurant handing out postcards, presumably in the hope of global marketing. With that in mind, the only solution seemed to have fun with it. The restaurant in question is a much-loved institution, but it hasn't exactly moved with the times. So a consciously 'retro' postcard sort of plays on this, with (hopefully) just the right level of raised eyebrow.

That meant aged filters on the photos, a 70s template, and the addition of some scratches, grain and light-leaks courtesy of the awesome Mextures app. Et voila, Beautiful Beijing. (The idea that Beijing is beautiful is kind of part of the joke.) But come on, she has her moments.